A Story Finally Finds a Voice

Seven years ago, at a Unitarian Universalist General Assembly, I (Rev. Patty) was entrusted with a story. The story that became etched in my heart was of a Southern white woman who would not turn her eyes away from an impossible and horrible situation. Instead, she looked for the piece of the puzzle that was hers to do. I came home from that Assembly with a business card from the person who told me the story. That card, with a name and phone number written on the front of a woman who could tell me more, stayed in my purse for six years until I felt that I had the time to begin the journey into the life of Jessie Daniel Ames. Last spring, I picked up the phone and called the number. During our Sunday Service tomorrow, that story will begin to unfurl. From a couple of years ago, I knew that I wanted to work with Shannon Black, a member of our community and a gifted speaker and actress. Come and listen and learn why this story is so important for this difficult week when the problems of our nation seem impossible to solve.

The new quilt for the children and youth, made by Lorri Quigley, will be installed tomorrow—and the choir will sing! Come one and all! And on the way, look up and enjoy the mountains covered in snow!  At this moment, we’re watching the sunset through the screen and with all the telephone wires—and isn’t it beautiful?