The Connee Gates Library

Location and hours
  • The library is downstairs in the Social Hall.
  • Open Sundays after services, 11:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.
  • A volunteer can assist you with checking out materials.
What’s in the collection?

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The collection includes more than 1025 books for adults, teens, and kids, as well as some audio-visual materials. It provides resources that add to our understanding of the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism and the sources from which we draw our faith. Accordingly, we emphasize the following types of materials:

  • UU history and biography and works by UU authors
  • Worship aids, sermons, meditations, poetry and other materials
  • Information about world religions and their scriptures
  • Sacred texts, including the Koran, the Bible, and more
  • Dictionaries, history, criticism, interpretation, and commentaries on sacred texts
  • Materials that support the seven principles
  • Items that support work in social action, social justice, ecology, grief, caring, personnel management, leadership, and more
  • Materials that enrich the interests of our community—paganism, earth-based religion, LGBT information and support materials, dream interpretation, spiritual health, yoga, meditation, child psychology and child rearing, feminism, etc.
SVUUS library children's books

The children’s collection offers:

  • Folktales
  • Bible stories, legends, myths
  • Biographies
  • Picture books
  • Family-reading-time selections that support the seven principles
  • Items of potential use in worship services or religious education programming
Borrowing books

Books and audio-visual resources may be checked out from the library for a period of three weeks. All first-time borrowers are asked to register with the library by filling out a patron card with contact information. People relatively new to the congregation may borrow two items; congregants who regularly attend SVUUS may borrow up to 10 items at a time. Items may be renewed one time, as long as no one else is waiting for that title. Patrons with overdue materials will be sent a reminder by email or by phone.

Our lost book policy

We request that items which are lost be reported as soon as possible. At this time, the library committee has decided not to pursue a strict repayment policy for lost items. However, since the library depends on materials and monetary donations from the congregation, individuals who have lost items are encouraged to work with the library committee to determine whether the item should be replaced or a new item from our wishlist should be purchased. Donations are appreciated.

Donating materials to the library

The South Valley Library welcomes donations of print and audio visual materials that support the collection-development criteria listed abovve. Donated materials will be evaluated for content and physical condition. Materials not added to the collection will be returned to the donor, sold at one of our book sales (proceeds support the library), or donated to another organization.


The Library Committee sponsors book sales two or three times a year, usually in the fall, at Christmas, and in the spring. We accept book donations throughout the year. Funds collected from book sales supplement our budget, with most of the proceeds used to add new books, upgrade our software, and buy supplies.