Minister’s Newsletter July 2019 by Rev. Karen Madrone

Dear SVUUS community,

We are a couple of days out from General Assembly and I have been contemplating on this year’s theme: “The Power of We.” In every worship service and business session, becoming clear about who we are and especially how we are together was emphasized as the direction that Unitarian Universalism is moving right now. I am heartened by our faith movement’s push towards more inclusion, more acceptance, more love for everyone. This is the message of Unitarian Universalism that first drew me to this faith. 

If you didn’t grow up a UU, I wonder what drew you to Unitarian Universalism? I also wonder what the “Power of We” looks like at South Valley? Who is included? How could South Valley be even more inclusive, be more accepting, show more love? There were also conversations about what keeps us in this faith. Even with all of its human frailties and mistakes, we choose to stay. I wonder what keeps you in the faith, what makes you stay?

In August when I begin serving as the Interim Minister at South Valley, I look forward to having these kinds of conversations with you in person. I have already received a very warm welcome from many of you. At General Assembly I had the opportunity to meet parents and youth and via teleconferencing and email I’ve had conversations with the board president, members of the search committee, and the staff. SVUUS has shown me that it is a welcoming faith community. I am impressed with what I know of you already and I’m looking forward to learning about how we will grow and learn together.

Ann Scarborough, the SVUUS board president, and I are already working on scheduling and imagining our year together. Our first service together will be on August 4. I look forward to meeting many of you then and in the weeks to come.

Many blessings to you,
Rev. Karen