Bread Communion Sunday Is Here!

The scent of bread on a cold Wisconsin morning meant that my mother had been up mixing and kneading since before dawn. That was the best way to wake up! I imagine that she listened for the sounds of her five children who were usually slow to rise—hop out of bed and come running into the kitchen. Hot rolls with butter and honey were heaven! Come and experience heaven during our Sunday service as we share bread with each other. Fill your own homes with the scent of baking bread and bring one of the loaves to share. Our communion is open to all and afterwards we will take the rest of the bread to enjoy with soup!

In this time of Thanksgiving, we will share our bounty and part of the bounty we will share are our stories of how our families came to this land. Did they/you arrive in a hot air balloon, a soccer mom car, pulling a handcart, or in a fancy jet airplane? Come with bread and a story to tell! Bread Communion is here.  If you can, please stay for our Community Chat afterwards!