Let’s Do a Barn-Raising with Stars!

Help us Build Our Sanctuary! You will see in our entryway, that we have made a good beginning in our 2017 Stewardship Campaign. Now, let’s gather them all in the next week! Here is what to do:

1. Fill out a 3T card (the three Ts are time, talent and treasures) whatever your level of giving!

You can find them in the entry way or you can download a form here: 3-T form

2. Put up a star with your name on it. (We’ll do it for you if we receive the 3-T by email or snail mail.

This is how you can support our beloved community of South Valley: Fill the sky with stars.

In love and community,

Patty and the Stewardship Team

If you have questions, please contact our administrator, Cindy Martin at admin@svuus.org