Come for a Service to Remember: November 5th, a Ritual and Wisdom

This year, as we continue to weave the web of our community (new sign coming next week!), what would you most like to heal in this world? Where would you like to take the threads of your heart and embroider life-giving love? It is hard to choose! And, for me it would be that great divide between the white settlers (my ancestors) and the indigenous people of this land. In a service in October, we saw how this state was carved out of Goshiute, Shoshone, Ute, Paiute, and Navajo lands. This week, we will have a Ritual of Remembrance. Come with open hearts and minds for ritual and for the wisdom of the Ute elder Forrest Cuch who will be giving us his wisdom.

To prepare, find time today and tomorrow (daylight savings time so we have one more hour!) to feel the sacred rising of the moon, the light, the wind, the earth that supports our walks on the mountains and into the forest. The choir will sing of the beauty of this Earth, Brenda Thomas and I will tell a creation story with wolf and coyote puppets and Mary Lou Prince and Lauren Posey will serenade us with piano and cello music. This will be a service to remember!