December 17: “Solstice Service: When did the Sun Revolve around the Earth?” Rev. Patty Willis

How did the discovery of the sun at the center change everything? Early astronomers risked their lives to speak their truth. What is the truth of 2017 as we are on the edge of a new year?


December 17:
Butterflies (Pre-K) – “Snack”
Pathfinders (K-1st) – Children’s Chapel/Xmas Pageant Practice
Trailblazers (2nd-3rd) – Children’s Chapel/Xmas Pageant Practice
Seekers (4th-5th) – “Children’s Chapel/Xmas Pageant Practice
Junior High (6th-8th) – Holiday Unit – “Winter Solstice”
High School (9th-12th) – Winter Solstice with Junior High