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South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society Fundraising Quick Reference Policy

(updated October 2016)

Please read this complete document before submitting a fundraising request.

The Minister, Board President, the Fundraising Board Member, or a Board/committee Liaison (in association with a second Board Member) may approve, without further review requests for fundraisers that are reasonably expected to raise less than $200 (net). No online request is needed for these types of fundraisers.

A congregant must completely fill out the online request on behalf of any group seeking to engage in a fundraising activity. The request should be submitted well in advance of the fundraiser, and no later than one month prior to the event, to allow time for approval and/or subsequent publicity. This request is found online at in the pop down menu labeled “our community” under the label “Fundraising.” The complete fundraising policy is also downloadable here.

Funds should not be raised with elements of gambling. Alcohol should not be sold without a legal licensed distributor.

If the funds generated is less than or equal to what is expected (net), the group keeps the entire amount. Unless another arrangement is made, excess funds go into the general operating fund.

Excess funds generated can be, by special request, extended to other needs of the group if approved by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees can also make special exceptions to extend dispersal beyond the fiscal year. However, these are exceptions and not the rule.

Refrain from fundraising in the church sanctuary or foyer on Sundays. No pulpit announcements may be made without board/minister approval.

Account for all funds by two non-related members of the fundraising committee. The envelope should include a letter signed and dated by both containing separate totals for the amount of cash, the number of checks, combined check total and total of combined cash and check total. This accounting should be done immediately after the event or after each segment of the event and no later than fourteen days after the event. The envelope should be deposited in the “Rent Drop” box on the church office door. Retain a copy of the letter of accounting for the minutes of your committee. Do not deposit any fundraising funds into a personal bank account.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, check with the full fundraising document or seek advice from a Board Member, Church Administrator, or the Minister.