January 21 “What can we do and how can we not do something: Child Homelessness” Rev. Patty Willis

Thinking of our sixth Unitarian Universalist principle of respect for the interconnected web of life, how can we lift up those who are suffering the most from the widening divide in this country between the very rich and the poor? We join churches all over the state considering the homelessness of children on this day. Sanctuary movement workshop after church.


Butterflies (Pre-K) – “Snack”
Pathfinders (K-1st) – “The Gift of Mutual Caring”
Trailblazers (2nd-3rd) – “Ask Questions”
Seekers (4th-5th) – “Spirit of Life (Canteen)”
Junior High (6th-8th) – Money Unit 3 – “Giving and Values”
High School (9th-12th) – Youth UPstairs and Pizza with Patty