January 7 “Mountain priests traveling to our doors” Rev. Patty Willis

Each year we spent in Japan, during the coldest part of the year, Zen priests made the rounds of neighborhoods in prayer. Bob Speiser, a Zen practitioner for many years will join with Rev. Patty in a meditative journey into Buddhism in story and music. Mary Lou Prince will surround us with her koto music.


Butterflies (Pre-K) – “Helping Others”
Pathfinders (K-1st) – “The Gift of Helping”
Trailblazers (2nd-3rd) – “Create Magic, Change the World”
Seekers (4th-5th) – “Democratic Process (Chalk)”
Junior High (6th-8th) – Money Unit 2 – “Life Skills”
High School (9th-12th) – Workshop 6: Responisibility