June 17: “Fathers at Topaz” Rev. Patty Willis

On the day after our church field trip to Topaz “Relocation” Camp in central Utah, let us lift up those who were fathers to their children in the most difficult of circumstances.


During the summer months, we offer RE for Youth (6th-12th Grade) and Children (ages 5-11) in addition to child care for younger children.

The Youth group will explore “The UU Seven Principles through Sci Fi”

The younger kids will also explore what they can do to live the seven principles and enjoy some special activity days.

6/3/2018 Pride Sunday – No RE classes (join us at the parade!)
6/10/2018 Principle #1 – Each person is of worth
6/17/2018 Principle #2 – Be kind in all you do
6/24/2018 Chalk Art Day