May 13: “Watching from Another Tree: In Praise of the Hard Choices Mothers Have Made.” Rev. Patty Willis

Often the decisions mothers make as they balance child rearing with their own lives are hard to appreciate until we are their age looking back. Let’s listen to the example of Helga Etsby, a woman who walked across the country to help her family.


May 13:
Butterflies (Pre-K) – “My World Has Trees”
Pathfinders (K-1st) – Session 15: The Gift of Ourselves
Trailblazers (2nd-3rd) – “Protect The Earth”
Seekers (4th-5th) – Toolbox of Faith: Atonement (Level)
Junior High (6th-8th) – Race Unit 4
High School (9th-12th) – Workshop 11: Forgiveness