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Please fill out the form and check the boxes to indicate where you want the announcement to be displayed. The information you enter into this form will be emailed to appropriate parties based on the boxes you check to indicate where you want the announcement to appear. Images may be submitted using the "Choose File" button.

Please Note: If you are checking the box (below) to have your announcement appear in the Social Hall TV Slideshow, please edit your text to the bare minimum for the slideshow and enter it in the box below. See examples here.

IMPORTANT: Some older versions of Safari (Mac, iPhone, iPad) will fail when using this form. Recent versions work fine. If this form fails for you on Safari, try including an image file to get this form to work. If you include an image file just to get the form to work, and it's not actually relevant to your announcement, please include a note in your announcement text letting us know whether or not we should actually use the image file you upload. Thank you.

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