The Library

South Valley UU Society Library

Library Mission

The South Valley Library has been created to support the mission and ministries of the congregation and to provide resources for the educational and spiritual growth of South Valley members and friends.

About Our Library

Library BookshelvesThe library can be found downstairs on the south side of the Social Hall. The library is generally open every Sunday after services, usually from 11:30 A.M. to about 12:30 P.M. Our collection consists of approximately 750 titles, including books for adults, teens, children, and some audio-visual materials. The collection is organized by the Dewey Decimal System as used in the public libraries. A library volunteer will be available to assist with finding and checking out materials.
We invite you to come to the library to browse our collection and to check out books which may be of special interest to you.

Checking Out Materials

Books and audio-visual resources may be checked out from the library for a period of three weeks. All first-time borrowers are asked to register with the library by filling out a patron card with contact information. People relatively new to the congregation may borrow two items; congregants who regularly attend South Valley may borrow up to 10.

We use ResourceMate, a computerized library management system, to keep track of borrowed materials. Items may be renewed one time if there is no one on the wait list for that title. We do not charge overdue fines, but patrons with overdue materials will be given a gentle reminder by email or by phone.

Lost Books

We request that items which are lost after being checked out be reported by the person responsible for checking the item out. At this time, the library committee has decided not to pursue a strict repayment policy for lost items. However, since the library depends on materials and monetary donations from the congregation, individuals who have lost items are encouraged to work with the library committee to determine whether the item should be replaced or a new item from our wish list should be purchased. Donations towards replacement or purchase are appreciated.

Collection Development Criteria

The South Valley Library collection serves the congregation by providing resources which add to our understanding of the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism and the sources from which we draw our faith traditions. Accordingly, we emphasize the following types of materials:

  • UU history and biography
  • Works by UU authors
  • Worship aids, sermons, meditations, poetry and other resource materials to support church services
  • Information about world religions and their scriptures
  • Bible dictionaries, history, criticism, interpretation, commentaries
  • Materials that support the seven principles
  • Items that support the work of South Valley committees, such as social action, social justice, ecology, grief, caring, personnel management, leadership, etc;
  • Materials which enrich the particular interests of segments of our community—paganism, earth-based religion, LGBT information and support materials, dream interpretation, spiritual health, yoga, meditation, child psychology and child rearing, feminism, etc.

For the children’s collection we hope to offer:

  • Items of potential use in worship services or religious education programming
  • Folktales
  • Bible stories, legends, myths
  • Biographies
  • Picture books
  • Personal family reading of books that support the seven principles


The South Valley Library welcomes donations of print and audio visual materials that support the collection development criteria. Donated materials will be evaluated for inclusion in the library on the basis of the collection development criteria, the physical condition of the item, and shelf space considerations. Donated materials not added to the library will be returned to the donor (upon request), sold during periodic library book sales to support the mission of the library, or donated to other charities that may have need of them. The donor is responsible for determining the value of the donation for tax purposes.

Book Sales

The Library Committee sponsors book sales two or three times a year, usually in the fall, at Christmas, and in the spring. We accept used book donations throughout the year from members of the congregation and others who wish to support the work of the library.

Funds collected from our book sales are used to supplement our budget and to support the work of the library. Most of the book sale proceeds are used to update our collection by buying new books but we may also use the funds to upgrade our library software program and to buy library supplies.

Your Library Committee for 2015-16

Library Committee membersThe library is staffed by volunteers who serve as members of the Library Committee. The Library Committee currently has four members, all of whom have had previous library experience either in the public library system or in the school library system. Current members are:

  • Denna Wright – Co-chair
  • Connie Gates – Co-chair
  • Rosemary McAtee – member
  • Lorri Quigley – member
  • Gloria Olsen — member
  • Mary Norton — member
  • Fred Guerney — Youth Liaison

We are always open to welcoming new volunteers to help with the Library ministry. If you are interested in joining us or finding out more about the work of this committee, please contact one of us.

Contact Us

Members of the congregation are welcome to contact anyone on the library committee if you are seeking specific information or a particular title, if you wish to recommend purchases, or if you have suggestions for improving our library service.

The library committee can be reached at or feel free to speak to us during library hours.