Prayer Shawl Ministry

Participants in this group create a shawl, lap blanket, afghan, or baby blanket to share with members who are ill, going through a life transition, having a baby, or who might be in need of comfort and support from the congregation.

The prayer shawls are a physical reminder of our connectedness and that we are part of an interdependent web. We meet once a month; our meetings are conducted somewhat like a small group ministry.

We focus on the word of the month, have a short meditation, help each other with our projects, and have a group discussion–all the while creating beauty and comfort through the work of our hands. We continue to work on our projects independently at home.

When a project is completed, it is given to the minister who works with the Caring Circle to determine who might be in need of a shawl. To contact the Caring Circle, please email Inez Korbanka at