Prayer for March for our Lives

Here is the prayer that I, Rev. Patty, gave at the beginning of the March for Our Lives:

Gracious One.

We stand before you. Again.  Forgive us for not learning the lessons of Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Rancho Tehama Reserve, and so many more.  Together as we mourn the deaths of yet more young people and educators at Parkland, Florida we pray that this chapter in our country’s history be over.  We gather here to march for our lives.  We march for each child in this country who wakes into the dawn and prepares for school.  We march to bring them safety.  Listen to the voice of our cry.  Listen to the cries of parents for their children.  Children and young people for their brothers and sisters and friends.


We give thanks for the strong voices that have risen from the ashes—voices among the survivors of the Parkland shooting, calling for change.  Today, they lead the way.  Their footsteps ahead and you by our side, may these powerful young voices reach across the great divide in this country and become a source of transformation and healing.   May this day, these feet marching together, be a drum beat that announces the right of safety for all and inaugurates a new way of being in this land.


In your many names we pray.  Amen