Project Welcome: Our Christmas Gift for 2017

Part 1:  Shoring up the ramp to our annex so that ALL can learn in the two classrooms.  Install double glass patio doors to bring light and welcome.  Paint and repair the façade for longevity of the building.  Make the way from the parking lot to the annex more welcoming and accessible with landscaping.  Along with our junior high and high school classes, the annex will be the center for our community outreach with Our Whole Lives training, workshops on the history of the native peoples of Utah and recovery programs.


Part 2:  Make a beautiful sign.  Since the front of our church is a residential property, our options are limited but we can make a beautiful, sturdy sign that will more accurately reflect who we are.


Cost:  $12,000 total:  $7,000 for the annex and $5,000 for the sign.

Give by checks to SVUUS with “Project Welcome” in the memo line or contribute through Paypal on our website at   When you do send us an email at that the donation is designated to Project: Welcome.