Religious Exploration


Our Mission
Religious Exploration is a journey, a lifelong process, the spirit and life of the congregation. The search for life’s meaning is both religious and spiritual, and is made explicit for all ages in the RE program. We encourage a deep exploration of our various personal histories, values, and cultures. In celebrating our differences, we create a supportive environment for the religious growth and learning of every individual. We nurture a strong sense of religious community that embraces all ages.

In our proposed mission statement, we describe ourselves as religious explorers. Our RE program is where we live this out. From toddlers to our last breath, we are passionate about learning. Mining lamps attached to our hard hats, we delve into Unitarian Universalist principles and sources, world religions, and examine the “Big Questions.”  Sunday mornings, we provide such opportunities for our children and youth in the Sunday morning program, and in the fall, winter and spring, Monday Menus are devoted to breaking bread with one another and learning for all ages, such Bible study, yoga, meditation, Chalice Readers book group, TED talk discussions, and more!