9th-12th Grades

We have a vibrant Youth Group for those in 9th-12th grades. In addition to just having fun, our youth provide service to our church community and the wider community. They have:

  • Attended the Allies dinner supporting LGBTQI
  • Completed Inclusion Center training
  • Helped Calvary Baptist church feed homeless persons at Pioneer Park
  • Organized food at the Utah Food Bank
  • Packed lunches for the Homeless Youth Resource Center
  • Wrote letters of appreciation to U.S. military veterans
  • Attended Thanksgiving Interfaith Service at the Inclusion Center
  • Organized the pantry, clothing and Christmas donations for the Homeless Youth Resource Center
  • Hosted a Candlelight Vigil for Transgender Youth
  • Attended the Clean Air, No Excuses Rally in Salt Lake City
  • Joined the SVUUS Welcoming Committee in greeting on Sunday mornings
  • Helped at the church auction and other big events