SS Notes For Parents


Share Your Beliefs with Your Child
Sunday School is only one hour a week, which means you are your child’s primary religious educator. Let your child know your religious beliefs. If you are still figuring them out, that’s okay too. Share your “used to thinks” about God, prayer, heaven, etc., and what your ideas are now. Let your child know why you chose this church and what it means to you. Talk about how you act on your beliefs about fairness, tolerance, caring for the earth, etc. and provide your child with opportunities to act on his or her beliefs too. This is by far the most important thing you can do to promote a spiritual and religious life for your child.

Find Out What They’re Doing
Ask your child about what goes on in their class or what they like about coming to church. You are encouraged to visit their classroom to see evidence of what happens there. Check in with the teachers on a regular basis to monitor your child’s behavior. Volunteer to help in the classroom once in a while or offer transportation for special activities. Attend social events, such as family potluck dinners or special REGAL events. You are always welcome to offer feedback to our Director of Religious Education (Liz Martin, at or to the REGAL Council about what we do here.

Encourage Regular Attendance
While we understand that perfect attendance for every child may not be possible, we hope that you will make a sincere effort to bring your child to church as often as possible. Many units of study last several weeks and your child will gain much more from the class if he or she attends regularly.

Read the Newsletter
Our monthly newsletter, The Beacon, is one of the primary means of communication with you. Be sure to read the REGAL news section to find out the latest events, outings, and other issues of concern relating to our church school.