Social Action

Worship Offerings Split Recipient for July and August: Cottonwood Canyons Foundation
In the spirit of serving our wider community, we at South Valley split our Sunday morning worship service offerings with a charitable organization whose works align with our values and principles. For July and August we have chosen The Cottonwood Canyons Foundation, a local organization that works to improve the environments of our beloved tri-canyons (Big and Little Cottonwood and Millcreek) through education and stewardship programs. The forests of these canyons are some of the most highly visited in the nation and are under pressure from a variety of uses. The watersheds of Big and Little Cottonwood provide drinking water for much of Salt Lake Valley, including our church. CCF conducts restoration projects and provides educational and volunteer opportunities to help the public build a stronger connection with the natural wonders of these canyons (i.e., Wildflower Festival, Silver Lake walks, activities for kids). Given the current impacts and our growing population, our spectacular canyons are at risk of being “loved to death”. CCF is working diligently to ensure our canyons continue to provide clean water and recreational opportunities for generations to come. Please give generously.
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