Annual Fund Campaign

UU churches run on a congregational model in which every congregation sets its own budget and priorities and is responsible for raising the money to carry out its ministry and mission. We do not receive funds from the Unitarian Universalist Association.
The primary source of funding is the annual stewardship — or pledge — drive. Annual pledges make up over 80% of the operating budget, and more in some congregations.

There are four suggested fair share giving levels.

Supporter: The congregation is a significant part of your life and it promotes your spiritual growth.

Sustainer: The congregation is central to your identity, and you are committed to sustaining the programs and ministries of the church.

Visionary: You are committed to both the present and future growth of the congregation.

Full Tither: You designate 10 percent of your $50,000 income as a way of living out your spiritual principles.