Pledging at South Valley

We give to the work of the South Valley Congregation.
We are this church. We are its hands, its heart, its voice.
Together we share the wealth of this community, and sustain it with our gifts.

South Valley’s operating budget supports our proposed mission to be a “community of hope for religious explorers who wish to transform our world into a more just, compassionate and sustainable place. We embrace diversity and provide opportunities for creativity, spiritual growth, and celebration of life.”

Our full-time minister, director of religious education, music director and an office administrator, are engaged in making a difference through providing inspiring and uplifting worship services and religious education for all ages that grapples with the “big questions” of how we want to be in the world. Through outreach in the community, our minister and engaged members of our congregation spread the influence of our community in the Salt Lake Valley and throughout the State in areas that are important to us such as environmental justice, marriage equality, homelessness, poverty, and radical inclusion.

In addition, South Valley reaches out to and works with many social service partners in the Salt Lake Valley and beyond such as Crossroads Urban Center, the Homeless Youth Resource Center, Equality Utah and the National Alliance for Mental Illness, and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

Our entire operating budget comes from the donations of our Members and Friends. Although one-time donations of any kind are always welcome, the reliability of monthly pledging allows South Valley to plan our spending for the fiscal year with confidence.

How to Pledge

Step 1

Tell us how you would like to share your Time, Talents, & Treasure by filling out a “3T Card” [Download].

(There are also copies available in the church office.)

Step 2

Please consider having your donations automatically withdrawn from your account.

Simply fill out this ACH Direct Payment Authorization form [Download].

This convenient option will help you always be on track to fulfill your pledge.

You can choose to automatically contribute:

  • bi-monthly
  • monthly
  • quarterly

You can also pay through Paypal at the following link:
Step 3

Turn in the form(s).

They can be turned in:

  • to any member of the Stewardship Committee
  • to the wooden box marked “3T Pledge Cards” in the church foyer
  • to the minister or Treasurer

If you have questions, please email Scott Renshaw at

Thank you for your generosity and for helping South Valley make an impact in people’s lives and in the wider community!