Newcomers & Visitors

svuus_choirWe meet every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. at 6876 S. Highland Drive (2000 East), just south of the I-215 interchange.

Our whole community, children and adults together, gather for the first part of each service. For our youngest friends who would be most comfortable in a more playful setting, we have a staffed nursery. About twenty minutes into the service, children three and up move to their classes in our Religious Education program. Children of all ages are always welcome to stay upstairs with their parents.

For those who stay for the main service, in addition to the sermon or homily, our services also usually contain musical interludes, a story for all ages, hymns, a meditation, and an offering.

We attend church in whichever clothing makes us the most comfortable. Members and friends wear anything from their “Sunday Best” to business attire, shorts and sandals, and everything in between.

Refreshments (usually coffee, juice, and a snack of some sort) and community time follow the worship service. We’d like to meet you and hope that you’ll drop by for a visit.  We are a friendly group but we are not “pushy.” Anyone wearing a Welcoming Committee name tag will be glad to answer questions or provide assistance.

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