Living Our Values

These actions connect us with local, national and global searchers; link us in a chain of communities that share our values; and build community through shared experience.

We strive to live in alignment with our principles. To “walk the walk.”

Taking action

In 2018-19, we:

  • Prepared four meals a month for up to 60 homeless or at-risk teens.
  • Took 100% of our electricity from our rooftop solar panels.
  • Worked at the Utah Food Bank.
  • With a bake sale/brunch, raised $500 for No Kid Hungry.
  • Sponsored the education of a 9-year-old Nepali boy for the next three years.
  • Sold certified organic, fair-trade coffee to support a Mexican farmers cooperative.
  • Marched in the Salt Lake City Pride Parade.

Sharing resources

Since 2012, SVUUS has shared half of our Sunday Service cash offerings with a worthy organization. Recent recipients are:

The Inn BetweenSafe haven for the homeless in medical crisis
Hope Clinic UtahLocal healthcare for the uninsured
The Florence ProjectLegal aid for immigrants
American-Nepali Student and Women’s Educational ReliefEducational opportunities in Nepal
Rape Recovery CenterSupport for victims of sexual violence
No Kid HungryAccess to hunger relief programs for kids
Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern UtahResponsible stewardship of wildlife and habitat
Flourish BakeryTraining for those in recovery or reintegrating after incarceration

Caring for the Earth