Religious Transition Group, led by Bill Dobbs

Many of those in our group have either formally or informally left the LDS Church or in some way feel stressed in their relationship with the local religious culture.

The Religious Transition group provides an empowering and nurturing place for discussion about religious change, conflict, or disillusionment. We meet on the second and fourth Sundays of every month, from 12:30 to 2:30 P.M.* For more information, please contact the group leader, Bill Dobbs, at

  • People of varied religious backgrounds are welcome. Meetings are open to any sincere person who wants to come and will abide by our group principles, which encourage honesty, respect for the privacy of others, kindness, support for each individual in his or her search for truth and meaning, and seeking ways to use experiences and emotions constructively.
  • Although as individuals we may have strong feelings, and discussions may be passionate, as a group we do not seek to tear down anyone else’s faith. Rather, we support each other in our individual paths.
  • We are not interested in trying to sway someone who is happy in their religious belief. We invite anyone who is in need of a supportive place to share thoughts, feelings, and challenges. We believe each person has the right to make their own life choices.
  • The honest dialogue in our group is refreshing. There is power in finally speaking our own truth openly, when in the past we may not have dared to do so. With all our wide-ranging and vigorous discussions we also never forget to have a lot of fun.
  • Participants tell us that they appreciate the support they feel from the sympathetic and knowledgeable listeners in our group. When ready, each participant may present his or her own spiritual autobiography. Meetings at which this vulnerable sharing occurs are great favorites. The discipline of preparing for and listening to these discussions can be enlightening and healing for everyone involved.

Please note: Dates and starting times are subject to change, in the event of holidays or scheduling conflicts.